intuitive, AUTHENTIC, DIRECT & empathic

My coaching practice is built on the belief that my clients are creative, resourceful, and whole. As a coach, I help people to see themselves through that same lens. We often get caught in a cycle of overachieving, rushing, scrambling, distraction, and burnout. We work so hard and give so much, often without coming from a grounded and connected place. Attempting to control external factors in order to find meaning, validation, and balance is neither sustainable nor effective. Our work together offers a chance to understand that there is no formula for finding balance. Nor is it necessarily the goal. Clients feel grounded, focused, aligned, and empowered when they connect wholeheartedly and meaningfully to their work, their families, and themselves.

As a new mother and a woman struggling to find her identity in her new role, Abby helped me sort through the complexities of this transition. She offers invaluable perspective, kindness, warmth, and encouragement. Abby is the life coach that I would like to have by my side as a grounding force through every transition in my life.
— Nicole


photo by Josiah Roe


We do not have to be swept up in the tsunami of modern life, victims of our circumstances, martyrs with the people around us, or bystanders to our own lives as they frenetically pass us by. 

Coaching evokes transformation. Change occurs when we shift our limiting beliefs, adjust our perspective, and live aligned with our values and purpose.

When you experience transformation, your identity shifts and nothing is the same from that point forward.

I am the captain who will call you into the game

asking you to play all out and leave your heart on the field.


I have coached people of all ages, from teenagers to millennials to baby boomers. 

I have a passion for working with parents: expectant, new, and veteran. As an educator and parent myself, I am interested in supporting people in nurturing roles and professions.

People considering and questioning major life changes will find my approach to be active and collaborative.

My clients are people looking for a coaching experience that will empower them to create the life they desire. 




I coach clients twice a month for a minimum of six months. Sessions last sixty minutes and are conducted in-person, on Skype, or over the telephone.

I provide anyone interested in coaching with a free thirty-minute sample session to experience coaching with me.  

If, after our sample session, you decide to work with me as your coach, we will design our alliance as coach and client and build the foundation for our work in our first "discovery session".