Abby has an incredible depth of character. She has an amazing intuition and a solid, undeniable presence. Through each session, she continually and tenaciously held the space for me to be empowered in my decisions. She tenderly supported me in my emotional state as I grew and changed throughout my pregnancy. Tender but mighty... she championed me to live as my best self day to day, moment to moment.

Words are not enough to articulate the magnificent experience and lasting positive impact Abby has had on my life. Thank you Abby for your support and dedication to me always.
— Kristin

The moment I started talking with Abby, I felt like she GOT me. Her sharp mind, keen way with words, and refreshing realness allow her to get right to the heart of the matter. When working with Abby, I feel deeply connected, and powerfully challenged to keep moving toward my vision. Abby is an effective teacher, a no-nonsense strategist, and your most supportive champion. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her!
— Lara Otte, Psy. D., Psychotherapist, & Coach
As a new mother and a woman struggling to find her identity in her new role, Abby helped me sort through the complexities of this transition. She offers invaluable perspective, kindness, warmth, and encouragement. Abby is the life coach that I would like to have by my side as a grounding force through every transition in my life.
— Nicole

As both a colleague and friend, I can say unequivocally that Abby is a gifted teacher and coach. What I have been particularly impressed with is Abby’s ability to make connections with each client she has worked with. She is insightful, compassionate, and easy to talk to, characteristics that help engage people of all ages, especially those who are initially resistant to support. In my work as a psychologist, I have seen Abby tailor her approach with each client or situation. She helps clients develop self-awareness through inquiry, teaches and inspires them to utilize strategies for improving their performance, and acknowledges their accomplishments. Many of these clients have shown increased self-confidence since working with Abby. Parents have also told me how grateful they are to be working with Abby because she provides them clarity and practical suggestions for reducing stress at home and helping them navigate difficult situations. Abby truly has a natural gift for this work, which is the reason she is at the top of my referral list.
— Robin Wein, Ed. Psychologist

Abby is truly gifted at bringing people together, fostering community and support with her guidance, wisdom and humor. Her natural ability to connect has led me to friendships, jobs, professional partnerships, referrals, professional and personal growth, and a much deeper well of community and support in my life.
— Lisa J.
From the start, Abby engages with her enthusiasm, wit and intellect. She may bring to mind your favorite childhood camp counselor as she will revive in you the optimism and self-determination that your young-girl-at-camp self may have felt, but your grown-up self may be missing. Abby is a breath of fresh air and a skillful guiding force for professional moms and mom professionals alike!
— Caitlin S.