My approach is intuitive, authentic, and empathic.

I help individuals and families who are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected find balance and perspective. Together we work to recognize when you are out of balance and make powerful, lasting changes so you can lead a full, balanced life aligned with what matters most to you.

We often get caught in a cycle of overachieving, striving, rushing, scrambling, distraction, and burnout. We work so hard and give so much, often without coming from a balanced and healthy place. We can’t look outside of ourselves and attempt to control external factors in order to find balance.

Balance is a perspective. It is an intention. It is a right.

We do not have to be swept up in the tsunami of modern life, victims of our circumstances, martyrs to the people we serve, or passive bystanders to our own lives as they frenetically pass us by. As wholehearted and generous people, we have the power to claim for ourselves what we work to create for others.

Balance is a choice. This life is yours.

Co-Active coaching evokes transformation. Change occurs when we shift our limiting beliefs, change our perspective, and live aligned with our values and purpose. When you experience transformative change, your identity shifts and nothing is the same from that point forward.

I am the captain who will call you into the game, demanding that you play all out and leave your heart on the field.

While I have coached all kind of folks, from millennials to baby boomers, I specialize in parents, young adults, people in transition, and wholehearted people in nurturing roles and professions.

My coaching practice serves individuals who are looking for a holistic, authentic, and transformative approach.