coach, teacher, WRITER & MOTHER

I believe in people. As a coach, teacher, writer, and mother, I help people live wholehearted, connected, and dynamic lives. Clients experience powerful transformation when, as an objective and experienced coach, I hold the space for them to find their voice, state their needs, commit to their goals, and discover strength and resilience in the challenges they face. Clients emerge from coaching with me stronger, clearer, and more aligned with what matters most to them. I feel called to this work of empowering my clients to lead whole, authentic and meaningful lives.

Abby truly has a natural gift for this work, which is the reason she is at the top of my referral list.
— Robin Wein, Psychologist



I live in San Francisco with my husband and son. The Bay Area has been my home for over sixteen years.  Other places I have been lucky enough to call home include New York, Oregon, The Netherlands, Santa Cruz, Maine, Boston, and Eleuthera (a tiny island nestled in the Bahamas). When not coaching or leading workshops, I can usually be found pedaling around the streets of San Francisco, belting karaoke ballads that are way out of my range, & exploring with my family in our VW Westfalia. 

I am a middle child, a Cancer, and an Enneagram type 2. In past lives, I was a summer camp director, college soccer player, ocean lifeguard, middle school teacher, and national ultimate frisbee champion! All of these roles and past lives influence and inform my current work as a coach (and mother!).

A lifelong athlete of team sports, I spent my initial "retirement" years missing my team, getting dirty, sweaty huddles, and the feeling of a scrappy comeback. I found what I was missing when I became a mom. Motherhood forced me to get scrappy, dirty, and sweaty. To make a comeback. In my family, friends, clients, and circles, I found my huddle, my team.




  • CTI Co-Active Coach

  • M.A. Tufts University

  • B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Professional Training & Development: Mediate Your Life "Building a Culture of Compassion in Life and Work", All Kinds of Minds, Developmental Designs, Facing History and Ourselves, Santa Fe Leadership Center, BATC Effective Advising, Invision and Blink Training

  • Seven years as an academic, organizational, and family coach; ten years as an independent school teacher

  • One Fifty Parker Avenue School Board of Directors